Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mi Samcha L'Ish - Who Made you Lord (not God - more in the Medieval Sense...)

This is a phrase a commentor, whom I've since deleted since I don't really appreciate being called a "stoopid (yes, this spelling) Nazi Jew Hater," someone used to demand who am I to judge "Torah True Chareidi Jews."

Point 1: The people I've described on this blog are NOT Torah True Jews. Period. If they were, they would not act in the despicable ways they act.

Point 2: In the vein I've used before about misquoting Pesukim or taking them completely out of context (see here), this one is a doozy. This guy, and many people quote this possuk when they are indignant (to use a mild term) about being judged probably doesn't actually know who said this line in the Torah. Well, it was Dasan and Aviram to Moshe (not the other way around, mind you) when Moshe confronted them as they fought with each other and one was about to strike the other. The Resha'iim said it to the Tzadik. Then, this guy, who thinks he's such a great defender of the faith, goes and uses it on me. Now, I'm not saying I'm a Tzadik, but I'm not the one or part of the group that goes and commits all the Chilulei Hashem I've been discussing over the last few months.

Funny how lines by bad people get used by bad people who think they are the good guys...

Point 3 (Corrected): Don't go around calling another Jew a Nazi. I don't care how much you disagree with what he has to say. You have no right to compare any Jew to a Nazi, no matter how evil you think that Jew is, because no Jew has ever been as evil as the Nazis. Ever. You'll notice, I've never called Chareidim Nazis, no matter how despicable and anti-Torah I find their behavior to be. Ever. And when a Chareidi Jew called Justice Ministry attorney Amnon De Hartog a person "more terrible and evil than a Nazi." recently, the Hartog slugged him. And good for the De Hartog. Now, you'll say, well, De Hartog was trying to take funding away from the Chareidi schools because they don't have a secular studies curriculum. Good! They shouldn't get the funding. It's the law: You want funding, you've got to have a well-rounded educational system. Maybe by teaching math and science some of these kids will grow up to want jobs instead of sitting in Kollel for the rest of their lives. Maybe they'll actually do their duty and go to the army. After all, no one was exempt from Dovid Hamelech's army because he wanted to be in Kollel. Why should it be different today?! You want to live in Israel, then be a contributing member of society and stop hating the state that gives you so much and takes nothing in return. Again, good for De Hartog for slugging a Chareidi who claimed De Hartog was worse than a nazi. That' just a line you DO NOT CROSS. EVER. I've corrected the story in this paragraph. De Hartog wasn't called a Nazi. He was called more evil than a Nazi. Yeah. Like that makes it better...:(

And, just to qualify this a bit more, here's a quote from the article:

 De Hartog also spoke to Israel Radio Wednesday, and said he apologized for the assault, but blamed his harsh response on the fact his parents were Holocaust refugees.

The attorney said he was not qualifying his apology, but felt people should understand the circumstances of his action.

"[MK Cohen} said this to a man, part of whose family perished in Aushwitz and whose father suffered the horrors of the Holocaust for four consecutive years," De Hartog told Israel Radio.

"This is what a member of the Knesset - and a rabbi - said to a Jew."
Nice. Really nice...

Point 4: Mi Samani L'Ish? I'll tell you who. I did. I lived among you for a very long time, both in Israel and in the United States, in many communities, and never in one have I found you to be truly Torah Jews. Ever. I don't say the things I say based on hearsay. I back up everything I say, and many of the experiences are my own personal experiences. I can accuse a Chareidi rav of stealing $3000 because HE STOLE THE MONEY FROM ME! Not from a friend, an acquaintance, or through the grapevine on someone else's blog. B'DIDI HAVA UVDA.


rebelwithacause said...

He stole 3000 from you? I am sorry Barak. :(

rebelwithacause said...

next time give me his IP address and we'll flash his real name and home adress on your blog. Nothing as fun as to name and shame. lol.

Miriam said...

hi Am,

You've been tagged! Please see my blog for more details...

Miriam said...

I'm sorry about the $3000. Could you take him to beis din?

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...


I wish I could, but, unlike Chareidim who like to spew Loshon Hara about anyone not like them, I can't give out his name and address. Much as I would love to...


Beis Din? The Av Beis Din to whose beis din he'd have agreed to go to is one of his best friends. These are very corrupt people. And he never would have come out to LA (we moved there after the school year ended). And my (now very much ex-) rabbi in LA was a buddy of his and told me to just forget about the money.

There was more to it than just him stealing the $3k. He did it by finding a very dishonest way to not pay me (not to say that the stealing in and of itself was honest...).

I'll deal with the meme over the next couple of days. Those types of memes are the hardest for me...:)

rebelwithacause said...

Barak , I mean give out the nasty commenter's IP not the rabbi's name etc.

I got a nasty email myself today. I responded on my blog a couple of minutes ago.

The back of the hill said...

Regarding nasty comments on blogs, I do not remove them (I like a streetfight now and then). The only comments I have ever removed were advertisements for some service that some bozo had put underneath a random posting. People click on comments expecting to see comments - at that time it seemed hideously unfair to have some barker benefit instead.

Regarding what mr. De Hartog did, I happen to have posted about that myself....... (see: http://atthebackofthehill.blogspot.com/2007/07/slap-that-behaima.html ) and I note that we seem to see eye to eye on that.