Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Chareidi Who Actually Defended (gasp!) Girls!

This story appeared on Arutz 7 this morning. It seems that while traveling on the No. 1 bus, three Israeli Arabs began harassing some Jewish girls who were on the bus. A Chareidi came to the girls' defense:

The incident occurred as the bus was driving on Malkhei Yisrael Street. The Arabs, all in their mid-20’s, started harassing several Jewish girls on the bus and continued the behavior despite being warned by the Jewish man to stop bothering them.

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told Israel National News that the situation quickly deteriorated into an argument, which then became a fist fight after the Arabs attacked the Jew.

Police were called to the scene, with a special motorbike patrol unit arriving within minutes. The three Arab men were arrested on site and were taken to the Tzion police station for questioning.

Their victim sustained moderate wounds and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.
It's so refreshing to see a Chareidi person acting appropriately, rather than just ignoring the incident because those being harassed were girls. May he have a Refua Shleima.

On a note related to my previous post about Amnon De Hartog, here's an interesting tidbit I didn't know. MK Cohen told De Hartog he was "worse than the Germans; they wanted to destroy the body, while you want to destroy our soul." At which point de Hartog threatened to slap him. Cohen did, and De Hartog knocked Cohen out of his chair. As I said previously, GOOD FOR DE HARTOG! Cohen crossed a line one simply does not cross.

Here's what I didn't know: De Hartog is frum. He is a Religious Zionist. I'd have understood Cohen better if he'd called a secular person a Nazi. It certainly would not have surprised me, and it didn't. I wouldn't have agreed with it any more than I do now! It's despicable no matter what. But to call a frum person a Nazi?! That's way, way, WAY over the line.

Of course, since that nutcase keeps calling me a Nazi, I guess I really should not be surprised at what lengths Chareidim will go to make any belief other than theirs false. Even if it means calling their detractors Nazis.



Rafi G said...

even more - de hartoch lost 20 family members in the holocaust

Miriam said...

Hi Barak,

(can I call you that?)

Anyway, Would you mind taking a look at my recent post on my blog and commenting your opinion?

thanks so much.

Jack said...

Poor guy that stuck up for those girls will probably not be able to get his kids into school for doing such a goyishe act of chivalry.

Hashem Ya'azor Lanu!