Thursday, January 01, 2009

Casualties in Gaza

Quote from an article today:

Diplomats said the deadliest conflict in the Gaza Strip in four decades could get even bloodier after days of air strikes that have killed at least 410 Palestinians, about a quarter of whom, U.N. figures showed, were civilians, and wounded more than 1,700.
So, about 100 civilian casualties. Know what I say? Tough shit. There are ALWAYS civilian casualties in war. Did anyone really condemn the United States when there were civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq? No. Korea? Vietnam? No. How about the Holocaust while it was happening? And the "we didn't know" excuse is bullshit. The world knew and the world ignored. The Red Cross knew. They ignored too. And what we got were SIX MILLION Jewish casualties. And they weren't even involved in the war. They were casualties merely because the had the wrong parentage.

Civilian casualties happen in war. There's really nothing anyone can do about it. In truth, Israel has been as careful as possible to limit civilian casualties. And are the terrorists anywhere near as careful? Hell, no. Quite the opposite, in fact. They SPECIFICALLY target civilians and children.

Civilian casualties? Tough shit. If the civilian population, which is quite large and does not want all this conflict, actually rose up and rebelled against Hamas and the other terrorist organizations, none of this would be happening. Unfortunately, Hamas and their cronies rule with an iron fist and absolute fear, just like any other military dictatorship, and the large majority of the population finds itself seemingly helpless.

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