Sunday, January 04, 2009

Gaza Ground Offensive

As I said earlier, wipe them the hell out. All of them. Don't let even one terrorist or potential terrorist live.

But Olmert here is the biggest joke:

In his first public comments on the operation, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his Cabinet on Sunday that he was well aware of the risks, but that Israel could not allow its civilians to continue to be targeted by rockets from Gaza.
All of a sudden, Olmert's concerned with the safety of Israeli civilians. So, what happened a year ago, when Hamas was bombing the hell out of Sderot and even reaching Ashkelon? Then it WASN'T important enough to keep Israeli citizens safe?

What a Schmuck.

Then, there's the international "condemnation" of Israel's offensive. I understand the Arab world's condemnation. I'm even cool with it, even the though the Arab world itself is full of hypocrisy. After all, they're always screaming about the poverty rampant in Gaza, but they provide very little money to help alleviate the situation, even though they can certainly afford it.

However, the rest of the international "condemnation" is just ridiculous. What other country on the face of this planet would tolerate what Israel has tolerated over the last eight years? If a terrorist-launched rocket hit the empty Nevada desert in the middle of the night, the US would respond swiftly, decisively, and overwhelmingly. So would any other country that had the ability to respond to such an attack.

Israel, apparently, does not have that right. Well, world, screw you. Jews have just as much right to defend themselves as anyone else. You don't like it? Well, as I said, screw you.

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