Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush Takes Credit, Blames Clinton

While listening to the radio this morning, the hosts of the morning show on the station I listen to in the, well, mornings, mentioned that Bush said in speeches this weekend that HIS administration has laid the groundwork for economic recovery early in Obama's presidency.

So, if OBAMA actually comes up with solutions, Bush will take credit for laying the groundwork for those solutions, and if Obama DOESN'T come up with solutions, Bush will be able to say (or THINKS he'll be able to say) that Obama screwed up the work BUSH had done.

Then, on top of all that, Bush blamed CLINTON and HIS administration for laying the groundwork for the depression we're currently experiencing. In other words, NONE of the policies and deregulations of the past eight years are in any way to blame for all the fuck-ups and Bush is COMPLETELY innocent of any of this...

What was interesting is the person who mentioned this and ridiculed Bush was the Republican on the show...

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