Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting the Country Back on Track

Well, thank GOD. George Walker Bush is no longer the president. This man stole two elections, the first using Florida, the second, Ohio. He tore this country apart. He was divisive and partisan as no president has ever been. He was a fool, a blunderer, and a liar. He ripped the Constitution to shreds. He mass murdered thousands of American, first by ignoring intelligence about al Qaeda planning an attack on US soil and then by going to war against Iraq using false pretenses to obtain his desire. There were no WMDs and he KNEW there were none. By going to war illegally against Iraq, he caused the deaths of over four thousand American troops. It was as though he himself pulled the trigger and killed each and every one of those soldiers. He destroyed our economy by allowing his party to run rampant, de-regulate EVERYTHING, and destroy our banking industry, our housing industry, and our manufacturing industry. He and his party allowed companies to ship hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas, all in the name of the Almighty Dollar and "Free Market." The man is a criminal and I hope he will be prosecuted for every crime he committed. Frankly, I hope they fry his ass.

But now, he's no longer president. We now have a new president, one who ran a campaign based on hope and renewal. Now it's time to put Bush behind us. It's time to get to work making this country great again, removing the Bush/Republican party tarnish of the last fourteen years.

No matter how hard we work, it'll take a lot longer than a few days, months, or even years to repair the damage Bush and his party have wrought. We need to be patient. Obama is human. He WILL make mistakes. But he will do far more good than bad and I think, given the chance, he will lead this country back to greatness.

Here's hoping and working for a wonderful new era of American society. One based on ALL of us participating, not just the privileged few.