Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Republican Complaint

Here it is. The Republican complaint about the election:

Cantor cited Obama's financial advantage and the toxic environment for Republicans as factors contributing to the party's decline. The biggest problem, Cantor said, is that the GOP allowed Democrats to co-opt what has traditionally been a conservative message. "All of a sudden you hear Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and Chuck Schumer talk about the middle class as if the Democrats own the middle class issue," he said. "The middle class is, really was, our playing field. That's how Ronald Reagan came into power, that's how Newt Gingrich came into power, is to stick up for the working families … If nothing else, we couldn't get the message out.
Boo hoo.

But let's continue:
"Look, Barack Obama ran as a conservative," [said Cantor].
Um. WHAT?! I thought he ran, at least according to the Republicans DURING the campaign, as the "most liberal member of Congress!" So, NOW he ran as a "conservative?!"

But, let's conclude, which will bring us back to the beginning:
Cantor, who was relaxed and reclining comfortably in front of a fireplace in the hotel lobby as he spoke, said that while Obama talks about giving 95 percent of Americans a tax cut, he believes the president-elect plans to pay for it with significant tax hikes on small businesses. His job, he said, will be to explain that to people and "rebuild a mandate for the middle class in this country." Meanwhile, 100 yards away, Cantor's fellow Republicans were all but crying in their drinks, trying to figure out how it all went so wrong.
Hm. Can it be because the Republicans completely screwed over the Middle Class? Can it be they screwed over the middle class, and the working class, for that matter, so badly that not even their rich and powerful patron in the lobbies, special interests, and big businesses had the power to KEEP screwing the American public?

Why, yes. Yes it could. And yes. Yes, it did. Hence Obama campaigning to the other 95% of the country. We're the ones who actually count and make this country work. The Republicans simply never go that. Oh, and it's not like the Republicans ever actually "stuck up" for the middle class and working families. It's more like they stuck it TO the middle class and the working families.

So, no, you couldn't get that message out because the vast majority of us finally realized it was a false and misleading message.

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