Sunday, November 02, 2008

McCain on QVC. Um. SNL.

He was actually VERY funny! I think he missed his calling!


Kylopod said...

It is moments like this that remind us why we once liked him so much. It would be ironic if he wins the election because of this skit.

I'm surprised he didn't follow the old SNL tradition of confronting his imitator. Maybe he'll do that sometime after the election. I knew he had to avoid too much self-deprecatory humor. That's part of the tightrope act of making these appearances: the candidates must show that they can laugh at themselves, yet by doing so, they may help reinforce the public image of their weaknesses. It probably would be a bad idea at this juncture for McCain to make fun of his own age, as he did in the spring.

P.S. I have neglected to bring this up before, but you've been putting so many videos on your site that it has been causing my browser to crash if I stay on the main page for too long. I greatly enjoy the videos you post, but they have made navigating your blog difficult for me. If you provided the videos as links rather than embedding them directly on the page, that would work. Another possibility is to embed them in the individual posts but not on the main page. (That is possible to do, I believe, by having one of those "Click to see the rest of the message" options I've seen on some blogs, though I'm not quite sure how that works.) I would like to hear what others have to say.

Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said...

Ooh. Sorry! I'll try to fix the problem.

cool yiddishe mama said...

I've had similar problems playing stuff off the main page, so I end up going to the original site. May "that one" have success tomorrow.