Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Is Why I LIKE Arnold Schwarzenegger...

And yes. When I lived in California, I DID vote for him. His predecessor, after all, was a complete disaster, AND a Democrat...

WASHINGTON – The country's in the middle of a crisis and the president needs team players.

That's the view of a Republican governor, California's Arnold Schwarzenegger, when talking about the bipartisan support Democratic President Barack Obama needs now.

Schwarzenegger and fellow governors are in Washington this weekend for meetings. They see Obama at the White House on Monday.

Schwarzenegger says he feels strongly that Obama needs team players right now. He says governors, Congress, the White House — everyone has to play together during these tough times, rather than playing politics and making attacks.

Schwarzenegger also calls the recently signed stimulus bill a tremendous package that will help his financially ailing state.

The governor spoke on ABC's "This Week."

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