Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aw. Those poor Republicans. They Say the Democrats Won't Play With Them...

John McHypocrite got on his high horse today, complaining the Democrats and Obama aren't being bipartisan and won't play nice with the Republicans:

WASHINGTON – Sen. John McCain says President Barack Obamafailed to include Republicans in writing the big economic stimulus bill.

McCain, who lost the presidential race to Obama, says the president is backtracking on promises of bipartisanship. McCain is not happy with the process that led to passage of the stimulus bill. He calls it a bad beginning to Obama's presidency.

McCain acknowledges that Republicans excluded Democrats when the GOP held power on Capitol Hill. But he says Obama had promised to work differently.

Um, YEAH! So, while the Democrats TRIED to work with the Republicans on the stimulus, the Republicans refused to play ball or compromise in any way. The Democrats DID compromise, as they always do. Remember, the package had gone as high as $920 billion and is not a whopping $130 billion LESS. That's a lot of compromise.

Oh, and there's this Republican idiotic and totally hypocritical statement: 
The Arizona Republican says the $787 billion measure will create what he calls "generational theft" — huge federal deficits for years to come.
Ok. And the $700 billion George W. Asshole "bailout," the one former treasury secretary Paulson said shouldn't have any oversight or accountability and the one that, now half-spent, no one knows where the money went? THAT bailout? If THAT'S not generational theft, WHAT THE FUCK IS?!?!

My opinion: Marginalize the Republicans, make the Democratic party stronger than it's ever been, and cause the complete failure of the party that gave us the situation we're currently experiencing. And ignore McHypocrite's advice: 
McCain offers this advice: "Let's start over now and sit down together."
Why? So we can end up in this situation again when you guys try to cheat the country again and again? I think the country's done trusting you guys, Republicans. Time for you guys to just go away.

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