Thursday, February 05, 2009

REPUBLICANS Complaining About Partisanship?!

What, are they out of their friggin' minds? For nearly a decade and a half, while the Republicans Congress, they sidelined the Democrats. Now, the Democrats control Congress, and the Republicans are complaining about partisanship? That's just plain ridiculous. Sad thing, at least in this case, the case of the stimulus package, the Democrats ARE trying to work with the Republicans. The Republicans, however, don't see it that way:

Republicans countered that neither the president nor Democratic congressional leaders have been willing to seek common ground on the first major bill of the new administration.
"We're not having meaningful negotiations. ... It's a bad way to start," said Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who was Obama's opponent in last fall's presidential campaign.
In an Associated Press interview, he said Obama "gave the Democrats the leeway to basically shut out Republicans starting with the House and now here in the Senate, and I don't think that's good."
Funny that McCain feels the Democrats are shutting out the Republicans. Imagine how the Democrats have felt for the last fifteen years or so...

Sorry, Republicans, it's time to work WITH the Democrats now, in a fair and balanced government that wants what's best for its people, not for the wealthy and big corporations. Deal with it, work with it, and try to remember you're Americans supposedly trying to work for the greater good.

Yeah right. Like THAT'LL happen...

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