Thursday, December 18, 2008

News About My Dad...

He had to have surgery again. Apparently, they missed something the first time around. They removed some of the tumors (yes, now it's plural), and left some in. I'm not sure WHY the surgeon left some in, but she did.

My dad has been having problems finding a malpractice attorney. Not because he doesn't have a case. He CERTAINLY does. If, that is, he lived in a state where one could pursue a malpractice suit and make oneself and one's attorney a lot of money. Unfortunately, despite my numerous objections, my parents decided to return to Las Vegas (before my father fell ill), which is in the state of Nevada, which has a cap of $350,000 for malpractice suits, which means the vast majority of malpractice attorneys in Nevada no longer take malpractice suits because malpractice suits are simply no longer worth the time.

And now, due to the negligence of the insurance company and the doctors and numerous hospitals he was in, he may very well die.

Isn't that LOVELY?

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