Sunday, December 07, 2008

Am I Missing Something?

I understand the auto industry bailout is important, much as I am against it.

But I'm just a bit curious, because I seem to be missing something. The auto industry is in trouble because people have essentially stopped buying automobiles at this time because the economy, well, sucks. Since that's the case, I'm quite unclear as to how giving the auto industry money will solve that problem. Certainly, it will keep production going, but since most people are no longer buying cars, and certainly not NEW cars, how, exactly, is this going to help?

In other words, shouldn't the government be investing all this money into CREATING jobs and getting the economy going again rather than throwing more and more money away, to be wasted, since people can't afford to buy new cars or take out loans (financial industry)? Shouldn't the government be more concerned with the rest of us, the vast majority of us, and be creating new industries to truly stimulate our economy?

Oh, wait. I forgot. For the upper echelons, our government is Socialist, so they need to throw money at the financial institutions and auto industry. For the rest of us, it's capitalism as usual, which means screw the rest of us, let's bail out our big business friends.

Someone at the office of one of "my" senators told why, and it's so simple. She said the industries spend millions of dollars on lobbyists, and since I DON'T have a lobbyist and can't afford one, well, I'm basically shit out of luck.

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