Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama Speaks in Cairo... Iran Blocks Signal

So, Obama gave a pretty good speech in Cairo. He said the Palestinians need to stop terrorizing (yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen), and Israel needs to stop building settlements (yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen, too!).

He also made some good comments about not fitting all Muslims into a "crude" stereotype, nor of fitting the US into a stereotype of a self-interested empire. Then the article went on to say this:

Obama's remarks were televised on all radio and television stations in Israel, and with Arabic voice-over translations by Arab satellite stations Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera, Egyptian TV and Al-Manar, an outlet for the militant group Hezbollah. The speech was not broadcast in Iran, where the goverment jammed signals to block satellite owners from watching.
Seriously? You gotta love those Persians. Is Ahmedinejad so stupid, and government so stupid, they don't realize people who have satellite likely have internet access as well and would be able to access the speech, if not live, then not too long afterward, online at any number of websites? And what were they afraid of, in any case? Obama trying to bring peace to a troubled region? Well, obviously, they were.

What a bunch of tech non-savvy idiots.

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